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The Mystery of Migration

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Have you ever seen a flock of birds flying in a V-shaped formation? The cause of birds to associate to this formation is migration. Birds migrate or relocate for different causes. Given that birds migrate, there is more interesting information such as the causes of migration, the distances different species cover, and the navigation of their flight.

First, bird migration is interesting for its causes. According to "The Mystery of Bird Migration", birds migrate for suitable breeding locations. Also, birds may migrate when days become shorter and food is unable to be found. For example, in winter, fruit is no longer in season, trees lose their leaves, and insects become out of reach of the birds.

In addition, bird migration is interesting because of the different distances each species covers. As read in "How One Bird Makes the Trip", Bar- tailed godwits spend about two months preparing for their flight, such as hatching and raising their young, filling up on clams, seeds, berries, and worms. Besides preparing for their flight, godwits also take a route that is free of predators. Although, by taking this route birds are unable to stop and rest, birds are able to shut down one side of their brain at a time in order to rest while in flight.

Finally, bird migration is interesting because of the way birds are able to navigate their migration route. According to the article, birds determine their position by observing the placement of the stars and the sun. Birds may also use landmarks such as mountains and rivers to evaluate their location. Based on the text, surprisingly some birds are able to monitor Earth's magnetic field, which directs the birds as a compass would direct a human.

In conclusion, there is more interesting information about bird migration such as the variation of causes for their flight, the different distances each species covers, and the many ways they are able to navigate their flight. Scientists are continuing to research birds and their migration in order to gain more knowledge on this topic.



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