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The New Umler

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The New Umler

As mentioned before the old Umler system was frustrating to work with and maybe not up to par with other current IT systems at the time. This could've resulted from poor engineering or possibly the technological resources were yet to be created to build such an efficient database system.

Umler took initiative seven years ago in search to design a more "user friendly" system that allowed users to input and keep track of their data in a more simplified way with fewer headaches. The report generators became easier to understand because everything was laid out in terms that could be understood by anyone involved with the company. Login-in was also easier and could be accessed on a web-based browser.

Up to the minute system updates allowed for Railinc to quickly identify rail car locations. This was important in determining if they were going to arrive at their proper destination on time. Having a railcar arrive late ultimately results in lost profits to accommodate the supplier. Another example as to why lightning fast updates are crucial is that if there were to be a malfunction with one of the railcars, Railinc would know exactly where and how it would need to be fixed. In the past, the system was preprogrammed and assumed the train would arrive on time with no complications which is obviously unrealistic.

There are three phases to the new Umler system. Phase one involved determining all the mishaps that went along with it so it could be properly addressed. Phase two was the implementation of the improvements to see if all input functions were properly working at their expected level.

Phase three is more of the feedback process needed from a company like Railinc to see if their needs to be even further improvements. Umler is constantly working to maintain an information system that meets the standard requirements for these railroad companies. The industry is constantly changing and they are striving to keep up. Engineers are currently working to make their product better in every sense; this is the main goal of Umler and the whole phase three process.



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