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The Process of Selecting and Acquiring an Information System

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Essay Preview: The Process of Selecting and Acquiring an Information System

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The process of selecting and acquiring an information system

The goal of our healthcare organization is to ensure that the continuum of care is being adhered to within the ever changing realm of technology as it applies to healthcare. In order for our healthcare organization to succeed at achieving this goal, it is necessary that our organization acquire an IS.

"The move to widely accepted electronic patient records (EPRs) is accelerating." (Rindfleisch, 1997, para. 2). To be able to accommodate the acceleration aspect of the technological advances, our organizations must pay closer attention to the direction of the technological advances as it relates to our organizational goals and continuum of care.

Our organization's goals drives the selection of an IS in that the goal of our organization is to provide continuous improvement in the continuum of care within our organization.

Each stakeholder plays a role in the selection and acquisition process through the steering committee. In which the role of the Steering Committee is to gain project buy-in from the various user groups as well as to oversee and ensure proper implementation of the IS. (Wager, Wickham Lee, & Glaser, p. 151, 2009).

There are eleven phases that must be implemented in the process of selecting and acquiring an IS. However, in order to ensure success; before an IS can be selected and put into place a steering committee must participate in a calculated research process and a project manager must be selected - (Wager, Wickham Lee, & Glaser, p. 151-161, 2009).

Instituting a steering committee.

A Steering Committee consist of non-IT stakeholders in a clinical project such as systems acquisition, whose jobs will be directly affected by the acquisition of an IS because they will be the ones utilizing the IS. Physician partners, Nurses, Business officer managers and the CEO"-(Wager, Wickham Lee, & Glaser, p. 151, 2009) are all part of the steering committee because they all represent key fundamental groups that possess the power of influence amongst their peers.

Outline the task objectives and range of analysis

In this phase of the process; projects as well as project goals are to be clearly specified. Task assignments as far as what the assignment entails, communication and deadlines of the task assignments amongst the team are also to be established within this phase.

Take note of the Marketplace and Evaluate Retailer Profiles

Do your research! Investigate vendors and take advantages of resources available to aid perspective buyers in the acquisition of IS such as Electronic Medical Records (EMR). For example obtain a copy of the market analysis reports of vendors that provide EMR IS. This can be done through research firms like Gartner or KLAS - (Wager, Wickham Lee, & Glaser, p. 152, 2009).

Determine System Goals

The steering committee must answer questions like, can the IS decrease staff error? Or can the IS aid in the improvement of the continuum of care, etc.




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