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The Role of the Sender in E Communication Today

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Essay Preview: The Role of the Sender in E Communication Today

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The role of the sender in e communication today is to make sure that know how the receiver would interpret the message that they are sending so there will be now type of miss communication. The receiver's role in e-communication is to try to determine what the sender is saying to them in the message that they have received.

When deciding what type of communication tool to use. You first have to know who the receiver is of the message will be. For example if you are sending, a message to a professional e-mail or you could call that person if you know what their schedule might be. If you want to send a message to someone that prefers to be contacted a certain way the you would use the method that best works for him or her. In addition, the urgency of the response to your message would also play a significant role in what type of communication tool you choose to use.

What you consider when selecting an e-communication channel; in a professional environment versus a social environment is that the receiver if they message has to understand what you are saying and not interprets your message as coming off with an attitude. In a social environment, people tent to use a lot of slang in messaging and use caps a lot to get a point across. In a professional environment, caps could be mistaken for yelling at the receiver. If you use slang, the receiver may not understand what you are trying to say. So you should make sure you fully understand how to send a professional message before sending one.

What I would anticipate from the receiver today would depend one who the receiver was. If the receiver were someone, professional the I would expect good communication skills and knowledge. If the receiver were, someone in a social contact I would expect a lot of slang what I mean by slang is shorting of words by using on the first letters of each words and possibly some caps to get the point across. Slang and caps are used often in social setting such as text messaging or instant messaging. Even sometimes e-mails are written this way. I would not expect this from professional caps comes across as rude or yelling and can be misunderstood.



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