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The Scarlet Letter

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The Scarlet Letter Unit Project

Hello, my name is Larry Cabrera. For The Scarlet Letter Unit Project I chose the first option in which is "My Scarlet Letter". The letter in chose for my crime was the letter L. The letter L stands for lie. I chose this letter because I lied at least once in my life or even sometimes even more who knows. The reason for my decision was because it is one of the community most committed crimes that everyone has does every once in a while. The choice was a pretty difficult one because I have committed more crimes but this one at least not a big deal but still is bad at the same time and it was easiest to explain to people and I won't have to go into detail or if I have to I will tell them a lie that isn't that bad. When I wore my letter its felt weird because I had to walk around the whole school and some people saw me with it and they stared at me. Some of my friends asked me what was I wearing and I told them it was my project for English class and it represented my crime of lying to some people. After the whole day displaying my letter (crime) I felt pretty relieved of showing what I did but at the same time I felt a little embarrassed of my crime. During most of the school day I kind of felt what Hester Prynne felt when she had to walk around the whole town after her crime of adultery.



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