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The Storm: Chaos and Tragedy

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Essay Preview: The Storm: Chaos and Tragedy

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Name: Tanner Smith Date: September 24

Part One: The Storm

"The Storm: Chaos and Tragedy": Answer the following questions as you view the PBS video excerpt "Chaos and Tragedy." CHANGE THE COLOR OF YOUR ANSWERS, PLEASE!

1. According to Frontline, what problems were caused by the following groups:

o The Local and state officials? The inability to enforce laws from the federal level throughout the country.

o The U.S. military? Have experienced many problems because with no previous experience in emergency management.

o FEMA? Experienced many problems because with no previous experience in emergency management.

o The Government?

2. Why was the Louisiana National Guard unable to help? They were stuck in high feet of water.

3. Why were rescue efforts hampered in the first 24 hours? Governor Blanco apparently didn't understand the city was flooded, even though we could all see it. All communications in the greater New Orleans area were knocked out by the storm so official requests for aid probably were not being communicated. However, all of the networks were showing the city underwater.

4. What were the Mayor's responsibilities prior to the hurricane? The Mayors responsibility prior to the hurricane was to protect the people from it and evacuate them.

5. Where were state and local officials during the aftermath of Katrina? Why was this a problem? I believe that they told people to try to help as much as they can to the ones that lost their house.

6. What were the critics pointing out as trouble with the governor of Louisiana? Disaster response authority at the time of Katrina was entirely in the hands of the state Governors NOT the federal government. Governor Blanco apparently became completely ineffective for at least the first 72 to 96 hours after the disaster.

7. According to then-FEMA director Michael Brown, when does FEMA take over for

state and local governments? The FEMA doesn't really take over for the state and local Government.



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