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The Story Case

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The sun was at the apex of the sky when our hero awakened from his sleep. In his linen sheets he slumbered until it was time for him to rise, but it is when he comes to he realizes that he is late for classes once again. "Oh not again, I'm late for my classes!" He exclaimed while ripping the sheets off of him and rushed toward his closet to clothe himself. It is then he realized he had only one shoe. What has happened to the other shoe? You just wait; the answer is soon to come.

"Where did my shoe go? Oh wait I must've left it at the chemistry lab!" Says Hero delightfully. Exuberant is he in remembering the location of his shoe. Our hero bursts out of his dorm half clothed and half shoed in the race for his missing Nike Air Jordans. He relishes in the thought of reclaiming his once lost shoe.

Hero barrels through the labyrinth of halls and common rooms. His thoughts are unclear and scrambled as he struggles to remember the last few days. "Why can't I remember what college I go to and why the heck did I remember where I left my shoe?? WHY DID I LEAVE IT THERE?" He screeches while still searching for the exit to this never ending building. Strange looks are thrust upon the glorious hero as his squealing continues. A MYSTERIOUS VOICE CAME FROM ALL DIRECTIONS!

"YOU HAVE COME TO A CROSSROADS MY CHILD! To continue in your quest you must make a choice." Bellowed the omniscient benevolent mysterious manly voice which seemingly enveloped Hero.

"WHAT? Also as a side note don't overdo the adjectives when describing yourself."

"I've gotten that a lot. Anyway, these two doors lead to two places. One to your destiny and the other to your beloved Nike Air Jordan, the choice is yours. Do you wish to explore the depths of your psyche? Are you willing to sacrifice one to obtain the other? Also do you know if this is the University of Chicago? I'm late for class."


"Are you sure? I need to get to class or else I'll fail" said the voice.

"Yes I said yes I will Yes!!"

"Oh... I suppose I didn't hear you the first time."

Hero glances at both doors quickly and with a split decision he goes through a door. Through the door four walls lined the room with plain looking walls and the periodic table of the elements hanging from the wall facing the door. A large desk sits in the middle of the room with several fold-up tables and chairs barricading the rest of the room from the table of elements.

"Hello? Has anybody seen my shoe?" Hero said while knocking on the already open door.

"It's you! It's the hero



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