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The Tempest Summarized

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Essay Preview: The Tempest Summarized

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The Tempest Summarized (what we read so far)

* =key points

** = what they called Caliban

? = questions you should be asking when you read this far

In the beginning there was a storm

Next there is a rebellion by having the hierarchy flip (by having the boatswain give orders to the king)

The ship sinks

Miranda accusing Prospero of the shipwreck telling him to stop if he was the one doing it

Prospero says no one got hurt

*Prospero is a control freak. Controlling Language = Controlling behavior

Prospero hiding information from Miranda about where she came from

Prospero shares his family story to Miranda

*Prospero Interrupts his story telling but telling Miranda to Pay attention (example of Control freak)

? Is Prospero good as he says he is ?

During the story Miranda asked how she got to shore

Prospero says Gonzalo gave him everything to survive (books, food, etc)

After the story Prospero tells Miranda to sleep and she does right away

Ariel enters and is basically a servant to Prospero

Ariel reports everything to Prospero about the shipwreck

Second Rebellion by Ariel saying to him his freedom threatening Prospero he won’t do anything until freed

Prospero Threatens Ariel back by reminding Ariel of his cruel past

*Ariel is told to torture Caliban by Prospero

**Prospero says Caliban is human Act 1 lines 281-84

Miranda wakes up by Prospero

**Miranda claims Caliban is a villain by the way he looks

Prospero and Miranda goes to Caliban

Caliban says there is enough wood leave me alone

Another Rebellion by Caliban(the slave) and he curses at Prospero when Prospero got mad at him

Prospero threatens Caliban with more Torture because of his foul mouth

In the past when Prospero and Miranda first came to the island, Caliban showed them everything on the island

**Propero contradicts himself by calling Caliban filth instead of human

Miranda claiming she taught Caliban language but Caliban hates the language because the only reason they taught him was so that he could understand what his orders were by Prospero

Caliban hasn’t profit from learning the language

**Miranda says she doesn’t like Caliban’s race says he deserves to be a slave

**Caliban’s Mother was African American thus Caliban is African as well - the connection of slavery

Ariel brings Ferdinand in luring him with music

Miranda ask if Ferdinand was a



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