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The Truth About Truth: Descartes

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Essay Preview: The Truth About Truth: Descartes

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While spending these last couple of years at Wilbur Wright College, I have grown and matured as a person, and academically. Going through all of the different courses of study to get where I am today has truely shown me that if I work hard towards what I want, I will get it. This includes sports, and other activities I have been involved in. Growing up I was involved in all types of sports, and dancing. I played soccer, basketball, softball, and was on the gymnastics team, and I was in Irish Dance. With all of these activities and school going on, I always felt like I tried twice as hard to be just as good as the average kids. Everything always seemed to come a little more tough for me than the other children.

School has also always been difficult for me. I have always been a little slower at learning the lesson, and finishing the homework. Through out high school and for most of my time at Wright College, learning and concentrating and keeping track of my studies, homework, and assignments were all very difficult for me. It has been that way for me ever since I was little. But I never took into consideration that there is something I can do to help myself. A couple of months ago I was told to see a neurologist and was tested for A.D.D.. It turns out that I have had Attention Defecit Disorder and a slight learning disability and had no idea of either of these.

Because I was not aware of my A.D.D. and learning disability at an earlier age, it has caused a huge impact on my success in school. I have always been called dumb, stupid, lazy, slow and other negitive words. This did not help in my cinfidence in school at all. I have even been tested for depression; Those results came out negative. I know that if I found out about my A.D.D. sooner than just a couple months ago, I would have done much better in school than I have already, and I would have been accepted to a communications program already earning my degree. In high school I was in the International Bacheloriate program for the visual arts. I am a very creative artist. I have always had a talent and love for the arts. Being in IB art was a challenge, but one of the best experiences I ever had.

IB art meant I was free to be open with my art and express anything I felt any time. I won awards including best in catagory for the Triton Art show in 2008. Getting a degree in Communications will allow me to do what my favorite thing about IB art was, aside from actually making the art, and that was critiquing. Each weak we had an assignment in our research books that we would have to explain to the class and everyone gets a turn to say something they liked about our piece, and something we can improve on it. This is exactly what I want to do with my degree in Communications. I want to work for a magazine company and be the person the editors go to, or even be head of editing. I want to be the person everything, and everyone comes to before it is published. I know I will be



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