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The Working Students of Sti College Munoz

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Essay Preview: The Working Students of Sti College Munoz

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This chapter includes a discussion of literature and studies, local and foreign, which were found to have bearings on the present study.

Even though there have been only a few related studies, no similar study yet has been conducted wholly and solely on the problem of working college students of STI College Muñoz - EDSA. It can therefore be safely assumed that this research does not duplicate any study.



Manuel R. Santos expressed the view that the fate of the domestic helpers in the Philippines is somewhat disturbing. Majority of these young people are treated like animals although he said that not all are treated like animals.

He said that not all these young people are badly treated but there are many of them who really received such maltreatment not only in our country but also abroad. Santos stressed the view that there is a need to amend the law about domestic helpers in such a way that they may be given opportunities to go to school and finish at least a college education.

The author opinioned that most importantly, a domestic helper should receive a compensation commensurate to their workload with entitlement to a thirteen month pay and other benefits such as Medicare and SSS. The domestic helper should be given time to rest at least one day a week with pay.

Clawid, being a working student as well as joining captivating Capiz is one of the hardest parts in the life of a college student. Why? Because aside from studying his lessons, making his homework and assignments, listening to his instructors and professors and finishing his projects, he has to do or finish other assignments or workload which full-time students don't have. He doesn't have enough time to go and hang out with his friends because he has assigned duty in the school, and several tasks to be done and the outcome would depend where he would be assigned to have his duty. He has responsibilities and accountabilities to the school where he is working and that is part being a working student, to serve the school and render working hours. Being a working student, the school shoulders the tuition fee and all he has to pay are the miscellaneous fees. That is one of the reasons why some students are applying to become a working student especially when their parents could no longer afford to send them to school.

Sometimes he is being told to have committed mistakes but he takes them as encouragement and as a challenge but sometimes it also puts him down, depending on how other students have told him and the manner of delivery for calling his attention for the mistake committed. Some working students are very sensitive when being told that they had committed mistakes and easily feel bad.



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