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The one Minute Manager

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Essay Preview: The one Minute Manager

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The One Minute Manager

The One Minute Manager is an incredible book, which I found its lessons to be not only useful at the work place, but also in everyday life. I found the book to be very insightful. The book is about people wanting to be treated fair and honest, and be appreciated for work well done. A man was seeking information on how to become a more effective manager. And after talking with several different managers and asking difficult questions like what makes you a good manager and how your management skills are effective; the young man found that he did not agree with any of the methods spoken of. That is until he met the one-minute manager. The young man requested to interview the manager.

The one-minute manager agreed to meet with him, to discuss his management beliefs and was excited that someone was interested in learning. Once he was in the one-minute managers office he began talking with him and asking questions. The manager stated that he was going to tell him something he learned a long time ago. It proved to be a very successful method. He explained that he was a one-minute manager. This confused the young man, so he asked what a one-minute manager was. As the one-minute manager began explaining, he described only spending one minute watching his employees and goal setting. This method did not really make sense to the young man. He began wondering how could his skills ensure being an effective manage, if he did not show his face more or communicate more with his employees. The one-minute manager understood his confusion and began trying to explain his self again using analogies. At one point, the young man had the manager repeat himself, which annoyed him, and he reprimanded the young man for it. The reprimand lasted for a short time; then the one-minute manager smiled at him and stated in order for him to get a better understanding of what a one-minute manager is he should talk to three of his employees. The young man was to talk with his secretary to set things up.

After speaking with the secretary, she arranged for three employees that agreed to speak to him. The young man also talked with her about his reprimand, she told him that he met the one-minute manager. Eager to learn about the one minute manager he began to go on his interviews. The first person he talked to was Mr. Trenell. The young man asked Mr. Trenell to tell him what he thought of his manger. Mr. Trenell thought very highly of the one-minute manager. The man then asked if it were true that the manager only spent one day a week with him talking about his expectations. The man stated that it is true. So, the next question he asked was how he can know what is expected of him if the manager was not there to supervise him. Mr. Trenell explained to him about the one-minute goal setting that the manager does with him before every new job assignment is given to him. He stated that in the beginning of every project he is asked to write goals for each portion that is assigned to him and that it should take no longer than 30 seconds to read. Each goal should be on one single sheet of paper, read, and understood daily to ensure that they are being met. Once the first goal is met then it is time to move onto the next and so forth. He thanked the man for his time and had to move on to his next interview.

The next employee he met with was Mr. Levy. The young man sat down with him and asked Mr. Levy the same question. What he thought of the one-minute manager? He responded the same way, that he was a great manager. Then he asked, how can he be a wonderful manager if he did not give him appraisals to let him know when he was meeting expectations or what needed to be done better. Mr. Levy responded by telling him he does. He told him that the manager gives one-minute praising. Instead of guessing, what you are doing right and waiting for appraisals our manager comes to us right away when we are doing an excellent job. He explained that a one-minute praising has six steps, which consist of praising



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