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Thei Who Melt in Pot

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The problem I am typing about is game piracy. I am trying to get the point across that game piracy is

wrong. The people who spend there time creating a game for people to play and enjoy r not mad to be

stolen off of a file sharing website. The people who put the game together spend tons of time creating

the effects to just have the game stolen off the internet. They should have enforced limites on the file

Sharing websites that make it so you are not eligible to take the game. Game piracy has been abused

For many years and is hitting a top on how many games are beining downloaded. The games that people

are bootlegging are making the producers lose money. They make the game for 60$ and people are

Turning around pirating it and selling it for as cheap as 5$. With this happening the game producer

Wont be able to make back the production cost of making the games. There are many game makers in

the world mow a days that lose more money each year. Game makers like treyarch ,activision and

konmi all loose out on money every year due to games bein illegally bought or downloaded from the

internet or other sources. Many companies lose out on half a million dollars every year due to games

being stolen, illegally bought or pirated. There are many different types of piracy and gaming music and

video are all being abused.



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