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Think Tanking

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It is very much in our nature to be recognized, to be heard, to be in THE LOOP, this is so much in our DNA to be a 'part', so when a group abolishes us or condemns us for something which gives us pleasure, this actually torn us between our joy (personal) and the Negative feelings (which are usually shaped by society or public) like guilt, sense of sin, shame. These negative feelings may be primary but THE SPECIFIC FEELINGS WHICH EXIST ON ACCOUNT OF SOCIETY also include self esteem, pride, ego etc, so when I decide to abolish the negative feelings I in effect eradicate all SOCIETY INDUCED FEELINGS, thus the PRIMARY NEGATIVE FEELINGS result in the loss of pride & self-loathing too in the long run.

2 There is a way to prosper in the Long Run. Like the all time car salesman 'Mandal' (reference Malcom Gladwell's Blink), who treats all walk-ins alike and does the same pitch to all caste, sex, color, age and well-being. He even calls them the next day for the visit irrespective if they made a deal or not. This makes him a super-star salesman unlike most other salesmen who pitch aggressively to the most likely walk-ins (based on their judgement, this though make their job interesting as they are gambling/ betting on the power of their judgement and also fueling a secret mental-superiority complex) and treat lamely the people they judge as unable to afford a car and are just passing time/ checking out new arrivals. As it turns out, since this planet is more unpredictable than we like or judge it to be, Mandal churns out more sales both direct sales and a plenty more by references (Voila!). This same principle is buoyed by Warren Buffet, he says few and simple things (a) the money can be made only in a long run and with painful effort, (b) there is no room for speculation if one wants to run long (like car selling example). (this interestingly imbibes Humility, Patience, Smiling face etc, all the age-old qualities) .



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