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This Site Is Amazing

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This site is giving me a good english mark since I fail at To Kill a Mockingbird cuz I hate reading and I'm a lazy ass but now I found this site in which I have just been saved by a fellow peer who also read the book! I am trying to get 250 characters so I can make my account already but its quite difficult considering 250 words is a lot so if you need 250 words too just copy and paste for your account time to feed my negroes now so I'm gonna have to go. Apparently I don't even have 250 words yet so I guess I'll be stuck here and my negroes will starve and I have to figure out how to get that many words I mean jees I'm gonna have to do an essay this long one day and it'll shit on me lol. I guess it really should be written out like an opinion piece that way all I have to do is blabber mouth what I think which can really add up to the 250 words I need LOL. So you guys watch soccer? Man can't believe Barcelona lost to Chelsea like wtf! And tonight Bayern Munich has their second game against Real Madrid. I want either AC Milan or Arsenal or Real Madrid or Barrca to win the champion ship league cup but I'm a fan for a lot of teams lol. Holyshit bro so I'm still not at 250 words and its really cheesing me how I can't check how much more words I need. -_-



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