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Ties Between China and the U.S.

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Essay Preview: Ties Between China and the U.S.

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Ties between China and the U.S. were tense recently because of the military rivalries and maritime disputes. Even more remarkable, tensions have also risen from the conflict in cyberspace.

There are strong military rivalries between China and the U.S.. While some experts predicted that there might be an opportunity for a more forthright exchange of views as the China's leadership changed last year, the attitude from the Chinese military is hardly to be changed as they regard secrecy as the advantage. To improve the defense ties, China and the U.S. need to open their mind to show their plans and sign for the agreement.

Also, the tensions are growing because of the maritime disputes. Chinese government discontented about the U.S. support to Japan and negation of the right for China to complete for the sovereignty.

Apart from the above issues, the U.S. government has long blamed China for the rank attack on U.S. computer networks including the hacking and data theft. The U.S. government has substantial and growing concerns that the cyber-intrusions would menace to U.S. economic and national security. While Chinese tried to argue that the evidence is incredible as cyber infiltrations are anonymous and transnational, there is still other evidence. China was publicly accused in a role of cyberattacks making the loss of intellectual property which was posted in a 2011 intelligence report. Under pressure from China, the U.S. government tried to improve the cyberdefenses by establish voluntary standards for companies. There is still a hope: while the increasing numbers of evidence which is more specific is disclosed, it might push China to be more frank to talk about the cyber activities.

The next high-level dialogue may take place soon and the conflict between China and the U.S. especially for the cyberspace would continuously be concerned.



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