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Tifton Agirama - Tifton Georgia

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Essay Preview: Tifton Agirama - Tifton Georgia

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The Tifton Agirama is a historic country town located in Tifton Georgia. According to the site, the town was built and operated in the years 1870 and 1890s. The experience was so much fun. To start my best friend and I got to be partners in the field trip and we shared the experience together. Field trips were always a joyous event to all of my classmates in each year.

Even at that age we were stressed from spending so much time in the classroom and being disciplined and prompted for perfection throughout the week. I would often see my friends plop in their seats after being lectured or sighing as if they were loosing hopes on producing an acceptable assignment per our teacher's instruction. Most of all the complaints of not going outside or on field trips came after every incident. Thus field trips were always welcomed!

Firstly, we were always briefed about our field trips and everyone became excited after hearing about the animals and that we would have a chance to interact with them. The sights and sounds of the animals lingered as they went about their lives as we toured the site. We fed the goats and the horses and watched the pigs and chickens run and scamper about. The cheerful tour guide talked about each animal's personality as we looked on.

The Tifton Agirama reminded me of The town on the show Bonanza also. It is a great place to take young people. The education and leisure time is great. It is most enjoyable in sunny weather.



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