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Tips of Viral Marketing

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Tips of Viral Marketing

1.Social Networking:

Figure 1.1 Viral Marketing gains new customers


Social media websites have made using the online viral marketing ideas much easier. They give you the option to have others share your blog posts, webpages, and anything else with all their friends. Then, when they do this all their friends have the chance to share it with their friends. This trend just continues until your message has made it in front of a large amount of people. This gives you the chance to use viral marketing without having to do much work at all. It can snowball into a ton of traffic for you very quickly.

Some of the most popular social networking websites that are worth considering for an online viral marketing campaign are Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and LinkedIn.

You can simply add a button to your website that will allow others to share your blog post on Facebook, Twitter, Friendfeed, MySpace, and many other social media sites. They are social network sites that allow you to build profile pages of a brand, company name, product, or website that you are aiming to promote. is more of a business to business, B2B, type of website where you can network with other people or businesses. and are more along the lines of connecting with friends, classmates or family.

A recommendation would be to setup an account with each of these websites, they're free, and take some time to create a profile that introduces your website and certainly includes links to it.

If you do it right you can see a large amount of traffic from these sources because each of these sites publicize that their subscriber base is in the millions. Just spending a couple hours a week on social networking sites can really realize some increased exposure.

2.Email Signature

One of the most straightforward viral marketing tools that you can employ is the email signature. This is particularly helpful in mailing lists that you utilize to send messages to many people. Some time ago, this very same method was used by Yahoo Mail, making them the world's largest free email provider. The reason for this method's usefulness is quite simple. People can quickly remember a brand, company name, product, or website when you show it to them frequently. Using email signature is a very subtle way of doing this without being annoying.

Following the lead of Yahoo, the easiest method of viral marketing is including a link to your website or maybe a link to a couple of your websites in your email signatures. This works in a couple of ways, if a person is unable to remember your site they can find a deleted email and your website is right there on the email.

Another great thing about email signatures is that it's free. As you probably know, most email programs will allow you to create a signature that can be attached to every message you send. I don't know of any email provider that doesn't allow signatures in their emails. There is also the fact that if you're email gets forwarded to another person your website has just been exposed that recipient as well. Be sure to add the signature to all your outgoing emails and replies.

It's important to include your contact information as well as link to your website. You can also include some clever tag line just to make the signature memorable.

Include a catchy tagline and add a separator like a dotted or squiggly line between the email message and your signature. It helps set it off from the text and decreases the chances of it getting overlooked.

Keep the tagline short and sweet. Don't write a long paragraph because people won't take the time to read all that text. Here's an example of a good tagline:


Gifts Galore Shipped Right to Your Door...

3.Online Video:

Another online viral marketing tip that you can try out is an online video. Nowadays, people have become an instant online celebrity after uploading a distinctive video that has become popular. Online viral marketing campaigns use this same logic in order to gain popularity in the internet. The aim is to come up with an amusing, witty, or informational video that many people will enjoy so that they will share it to other people, result in to more views. These videos are often uploaded to YouTube or any other video sharing sites online. These videos can easily be embedded to blogs, forums, and social networking sites, therefore further increasing their potential to be viewed by more and more people.

If you know anything about video editing you can include your website address on the video which creates awareness for your website and can drive substantial traffic.

It's important to have something that is worth viewing though. Posting a video of your dog sleeping isn't going to have a viral effect but a video of valuable information, an amazing feat or exclusive footage of a major event will certainly bring exposure to your website.

Tip #1: Pick an already viral Topic for your video

Great viral videos often start with a topic that's top of mind for the collective internet unconscious. In this case, the Double Rainbow Guy was already a YouTube phenomenon, and to date has over 24 million views of his original video. Just like the skits your audience might see on Saturday Night Live and Conan O'Brien, or breaking news stories on the major networks, smart online video means keeping pace with what's happening today.

Tip #2: Use an interesting Technique in your video

Many people watch videos because of how they're made. "Hey did you see that video that was..."

...all in one take

...a picture a day for a whole year

...from such and such live event gone terribly wrong

...a parody of ABCD video Auto-Tuned version of ... and so on.

These types of videos are also known as "memes," and because the Double Rainbow guy was so wildly popular, he started a meme of his own: By using a technique,



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