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To Build Neighbourhood Park, Rain Shelter and Parking Lots to Provide Local Residents a Place to Relax, Jogging and Exercise

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Essay Preview: To Build Neighbourhood Park, Rain Shelter and Parking Lots to Provide Local Residents a Place to Relax, Jogging and Exercise

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  1. Project Overview

1.1 Purpose, Scope and Objectives, and Business Case

  1. Scope

The scope of this project is to build a recreation park, rain shelter and parking lots at Jalan Sungai Ara 1 within the due date of 6 months and a budget of RM 2,000,000. (Jeffrey K. Pinto, 2014)

  1. Statement of Work (SOW)

The purpose of the project is to build neighbourhood park, rain shelter and parking lots to provide local residents a place to relax, jogging and exercise. We are required to done this project within 6 month with a budget of RM 2,000,000. 400m2 of Jogging tracks, 6 exercise equipment, 2 solar lights, 4 benches around the park, 15 car parks, 1 rain shelter with 4 benches will be built in the park and trees, grasses and flowers will be plant. The project will be started on 22 January 2018 and it was estimated to be done on 25 May 2018. Estimated duration of building this park is around 124 days. The park will be located at Jalan Sungai Ara 1, Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang beside Apartment Taman Sungai Ara. The size of a new park is around 100,000 square feet or 2.3 acres. (Jeffrey K. Pinto, 2014)

  1. Business Case

To ensure that the local residents have a place to relax and exercise, Majlis Bandar Raya Pulau Pinang has appoint our company to build a neighbourhood park as their social responsibility to the community. This is because building a neighbourhood park is not a money making business, government will not earn any money from the park but it’s all for the people. A neighbourhood park will also provide intrinsic environmental, aesthetic, and recreation benefits to our cities. The land for building the park was donated by local philanthropist as his contribution to the community. By building this park, the government hope that people can relax and exercise at the park. Furthermore, it also expect to promote public health which people are encourage visit to the park.

  1. Project Deliverables

Build one recreation park for people to exercise and relax, a rain shelter that allow people to shelter from the rain and parking lots that easy for people to park their car. The rain shelter will contain 4 numbers of 4 feet long concrete benches for the users to rest and avoid rain when it rains. 15 car parks will be built to convenient the user to park their car at a more safety place.

  1. Project Organization

We are one of the project team from SRS Construction Company based in Penang Malaysia. The organization are divide into few division. The top management will be the CEO. For central support, it contains marketing department, finance department, Human Resources department, IT department, legal department and others. All those department will fully support the project team department to ensure that all of the project can be run smoothly and can complete all the task in a certain time frame. (Jeffrey K. Pinto, 2014)

[pic 1]

[pic 2][pic 3]

  1. Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)[pic 4]

[pic 5]

[pic 6]

[pic 7]

[pic 8]

[pic 9]

[pic 10][pic 11][pic 12]

The work breakdown structure shoes how a group or team organizes the team’s work in a more manageable sections. A work breakdown structure starts with the top level of project which is what type of project is carry on. The top level of this project was build a neighbourhood park.  Hereafter, it deliver into sub-deliverables. In this project the sub deliverables was clearing land, levelling land and dig hole, rain shelter and car parks, facilities, exercise equipment, jogging and walking tracks and planting. All of the sub-deliverables will be breakdown until the work can be allocate to each single person. All of the sub-deliverables will work together and corporate with each other to produce the specific unit of work. From work breakdown structure, project manager are able to allocate time and budget to each deliverables, hence the project manager may estimate the project’s cost. Besides that, it can also help to assign responsibilities and clarify roles for each deliverables. It’s important to plan the work breakdown structure well so that there will be no overlapping of works and responsibilities will be clear. (Emily Christensen, 2017)

1.5 Work Authorization

[pic 13][pic 14][pic 15][pic 16][pic 17][pic 18][pic 19][pic 20][pic 21]

A work authorization system is a strategy utilized as a part of conjunction with project management. The work authorization system is utilized by the project manager and his or her designees with a specific end goal to endorse all undertaking work over the span of the present project management venture. Work authorization strategies particularly detail who will give official approval to perform the job and how those authorizations might be gotten (Jeffrey K. Pinto, 2014). In this project, Tham Jia Yi will be the project manager. She will in charge in every task as she knows all the activities going on in this project. She will give out order to every single task. She will also have some team members in charge in different sub-deliverables. They are Ahmad Rosli in charge with the task of clearing, levelling and dig hole. While David Christopher be responsible for the parking lots and rain shelter. Besides that, all the facilities are in charge by Jacky Teoh. Tan Kean Jin will be in charge of all the exercise equipment. For Jogging and walking tracks was in charge by Singha Silk. Lastly, William Mah was responsible for all trees, grasses and flower in the park. All of them are the task leaders. They will monitor their task to make sure that every things go under control. If there are any problems, they will report to the project manager which is Tham Jia Yi. Final decision will be made by the project manager but not the task leaders.

  1. Risk Assessment

2.1 Risk Identification

  • Changing weather. The weather cannot be predicted, if it’s raining day the work is force to stop.
  • Destroyed by cattle. During construction, cattle may come and destroy the project by eat those grasses.
  • Low productivity of labour. Due to the extremely hot weather.
  • Vandalism by immature citizens by damaging those facilities and machine during construction.
  • Lack of material for construction due to high demand of market.

2.2 Assessment of Probability and Consequence (Qualitative)


                             Low                                                        High[pic 22]

  • Lack of material
  • Changing weather
  • Vandalism by immature citizens
  • Destroyed by cattle
  • Low productivity of labour

2.3 Assessment of Probability and Consequence (Quantitative)





Weight Score

Mitigation Strategies


Changing weather




  • Revise construction operating period
  • Reschedule work due to bad weather
  • Take protective actions such as pitch a tent


Destroyed by cattle




  • Put Fences around the park to avoid cows coming in
  • Discuss to cattle owners to avoid letting cattle wander around here


Low productivity of labour




  • Set goals and objectives to make sure work can be done on time
  • Motivating labour by incentive program
  • Provide more break time for them during hot weather.


Vandalism by immature citizens




  • Requesting police to strengthen patrols


Lack of material




  • Prepare backup suppliers
  • Order materials early and ask to be sent on a designated date




Changing weather is one of the most trouble risk as we cannot forecast the weather. Hence it has been rated for the highest weight which is 0.45 and a rating of 5. The mitigation for this risk is to revise construction operating period by estimate more dates on those task that need hot weather. If it’s keep raining, then we have to reschedule all the work. If there’s not much time to reschedule the work, then we have to take protective actions such as pitch a tent to protect the work for being damage by the rain.



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