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To Torture or Not to Torture

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"To torture or not to torture", this is a very tough question especially considering the scenario but one that definitely has ethical & moral implications. I feel like the biggest question here is if I do torture the terrorist daughter will he actually give the information I desire.

After seriously considering whether or not to carry out the torture of the daughter I have decided that I will not. First of all when dealing with most terrorist we are dealing with religious fanatics who are more concerned with the reward they will receive from their god in the afterlife than they are with their current life on earth. This also holds true for their children so I would have to think that they may see this as just a sacrifice for a just cause.

Secondly, terrorist have basically been programmed to murder, without remorse, at all cost even if that means death to them. To me this will also diminish any effects torture will have on them or a family member.

And lastly, at what point do I sacrifice my morals and beliefs that I have worked so hard to establish? At what point do I decide it is right to inflict mental or physical suffering on an innocent person, let alone a child? If I do decide to torture them would it even produce the results I am looking for? Could my conscience take it if I proceed with the torture to no avail? The answer for me is no.

After reviewing in my mind over and over again what I would do I have also come to the conclusion that we could continue to debate this and no matter what decisions are made it will only produce more moral questions.



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