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Tobacco & Alcohol Use

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Assignment 3

Alcohol use has improved over the past couple of years. I think this is slowly improving because we are getting more involved with the consequences like DUI, and a lot of the people who do use alcohol are college students and colleges are a bit stricter within their restrictions. Behaviors that contribute to unintentional injury has improved, but two of the major influences is driving with a drunk driver and texting while driving. There is laws regarding this and it has decreased over the years, but continue to be strict with those guidelines. Behaviors of violence has improved, although it still needs to continue to improve. I think something that could be improved in this is the behavior at school. It has increased a bit more on school property, and has resulted in students not wanting to go to school because of safety concerns. Illegal drug use has improved, it has been the lowest it’s been since 1991, and feel that it does not need to change as it continues to go lower.

 Obesity has increased, and I think this is due to the convenience of fast food, watching TV, and lack of motivation to due physical activities. There needs to be change in obesity, because that results in other health problems. Physical activity no major change, but more are playing video games 3 or more hours per day Sexual behaviors and HIV testing improved lowest it’s been since 1991. It has improved due to student using more protection with sexual behaviors.  Suicide related behaviors it has increased in the past couples of years, and needs improvement for those to get help before they start creating a plan or attempt to kill themselves. Tobacco use has improved, and the daily use of cigarettes is the lowest it has ever been. There doesn’t need to be any change as long as it continues to decrease.



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