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Transformation Leadership

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Transformational leadership

leaders and managers.


"Both a manager and a leader may know the business well. But the leader must know it better and in a different way" (Bennis, W & Goldsmith, J, 2010). Management and Leadership are processes that are very similar but are carried out in very different ways.

This essay will critically appraise the statement "the right people should do the right jobs" in relation to leaders and managers." To support this statement various theories and frameworks will be used to compare and contrast the roles of both managers and leaders and the processes that are undertaken. This essay will also look at how sub-ordinates and followers are influenced by the process and which works more effectively. Integrated management and leadership will be looked into in further detail in regards to how an individual can use traits from both and input this into an organisation, examples of organisations will be used to distinguish how this can be achieved.

The difference between a leader and a manager

According to Bennis and Naus (1985) " to lead means to influence others and create visions for change". Leadership is to encourage followers and to motivate a group of people to exceed their ability in completing objectives in order to fulfil the task. It involves a non bureaucratic policy and instead believes in creative innovations as well as being flexible and empathetic in order to get the best result. Management on the other hand is defined "to accomplish activities and master routines" (Bennis and Naus 1985). Managers are believed to have an unemotional connection between the task and the process that is used to complete. Managers follow a certain set of guidelines to achieve objectives and expect subordinates to follow.

Peter G Northouse suggests that management was to put into action as a way to reduce disorder and confusion which would enable the organisation to run more effectively. The primary functions that managers undertake are any planning that takes place within the organisation, organising, staffing people and assigning roles and tasks to individuals or groups and controlling the process while in action to make sure the system is run smoothly.

Leadership enables change and movement within an organization, it also allows a process to satisfy unmet needs which may not be in the set guidelines of a managers process.

Organisations need both leadership and management skills to be present as one with out the other could cause implications to the succeeding the objectives set.



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