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Truman Capote

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Essay Preview: Truman Capote

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This film was a really great one, didn”t expect it to be this interesting. Truman Capote got really close with Perry and it changed my point of view on him. After all Perry wasn’t this scary guy I think deep down inside he had a good heart. Perry just went through some things as a child and seemed to haunt for the rest of his life. I also feel in a way that Capote and Perry sorta had a connection in a way. They could relate to each other and it made the investigation that much more interesting.

I didn’t really care much about Dick I think personally he was the the reason for Perry killing the Clutters. As if he was mind controlling Perry into doing it. My opinion when Perry Smith,and Truman Capote really started to conversate and connect with each other I got a soft side for Perry. Like for me I felt sorry for him deep down inside I didn’t think he planned,or wanted to murder the Clutter family. At the end of the film though I still wasn’t for sure if Truman really cared about Perry or not. He showed he cared, then at times he didn’t. Like when Truman went over to Spain for a while, and wouldn’t pick up Perry’s calls he showed a sign of not caring.

Actually I think the planned robbery was initiated by Dick and once things didn’t go as planned, after that it was on. I wonder why Truman showed more favorite tism towards Perry and not Dick. Throughout the film Truman hardly spoke to Dick at all. My opinion deep down inside I think Dick was a psychopath, or at least his facial expressions showed that. I think as well Dick could care less if he died or, not he was just so awkward about it.

Why did Truman go out of his way to buy Perry food, when he was attempting to starve himself ?He showed sympathy for Perry and at that given moment. I think that was a start of a relationship for Truman, and Perry. Death penalty is something very serious now. I don’t think Perry took it very seriously, neither did Dick. Somewhere in their imaginations they had hope that Perry was going to get them out the situation. Once Truman found out how hard it really was, he just stopped caring for Perry.

Truman continued lying to Perry about the naming of the book, and how he hasn’t even started it yet. Was there something he really didn’t want Perry to know about? I honestly think Truman Capote was scared to death of Perry I mean really come on now Truman is as soft as they come. You could see it in Perry’s eyes though he didn’t wanna die. From watching the film,and knowing Perry’s true heart I think he deserved another chance, but Dick on the other hand. Death penalty on him for sure no doubt in the most crucial way.



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