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Tuesday and Thursdays

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Essay Preview: Tuesday and Thursdays

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The 5am Scholar

After watching the secrets to success I instantly thought of my daughter. I felt so enlightened. My four month old daughter is the secret to my success. She makes me feel invincible. I can do anything and everything for her. I felt amazed with how realistic and true to everything the man was saying. Life isn't meant to be easy, and succeeding isn't easy otherwise we'd all be rich. The reason why I am committing to my future is for my little girl, for her future not just for mine. I better my life in order to better her life. The way I felt when he mentioned you can't succeed until you sacrifice sleep for your success is insane, it's almost like he described exactly how I feel emotionally. All of the late night homework sessions and all of the long nights of studying I have ahead of me while my daughter is asleep. I felt like he inspired me to do anything and everything to succeed. The story about the guru and the man on the beach made so much sense to me. You have to commit to succeed and sacrifice anything to get there. Sometimes you might suffer or struggle but by that point why would you give up when you have already been through the pain and the struggles to get to the point in which you are at? I feel super encouraged to give school my all for all the loved ones around me. I want to make my parents proud, my daughter, my fiancé, and my friends. I feel like I need to prove those who didn't and don't believe that I can juggle school and being a young mom at the same time wrong. I feel like I need to show them the wonderful and dedicated student that I can be so that I can give my daughter the bright future in which I had always envisioned for her. I feel almost like a whole new window of life was opened up to me today in your sociology class. Not only with the short clip that we had watched but also with the things you were saying about yourself. I feel so inspired and determined to succeed!



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