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Two Countries with Many Comparisons

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Essay Preview: Two Countries with Many Comparisons

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Even though the United States is home for many of us, you will never truly appreciate how good we have things here if you were to visit or live in Afghanistan. Both of these countries have similarities and differences from the way they live, raise their children, and how their women are treated, in which I will go into further detail in this paper.

In the United States, we have many different housing structures from apartments to mansions and can choose different outer styles from vinyl, wood, to brick. In the United States, we have a choice of where to live from city limits, outer city limits, and choosing what state to live in. However, in Afghanistan, a majority of the houses there are constructed out of using mud, brick, and concrete with only mud for the outer style. Here most of the people can choose a province to live in, but all of the families live in the same walled compound. In the United States, we rely on many sources to run not only our houses, but our cities. We have the option for using electricity to light our homes and the use of different appliances. We have toilets installed in our homes to use the restroom and running water for the choice of a bath or shower. In Afghanistan, they have the same sources, but cannot afford to supply all areas. Instead of their compounds being lit up with light bulbs, they limit their power to using only small generators for the use of lamps when necessary. Due to the cost of supplying the generator, they will use candles for lighting. In the compound areas they do not have indoor plumbing. They rely on the outside to use the restroom or porter potties. They do not have a choice whether to take a bath or shower they just heat up outside water and scrub down. The more rural areas such as Kabul have more money sources so they can provide electricity, plumbing, and water. Even though both countries can provide a roof over your head and sources of electricity to plumbing, the ways they are supplied and the way each live should make the United States appreciate all we have.

In the United States, we raise our children to have morals, respect, and values. We teach our children right from wrong and discipline them accordingly to their wrongs. For most parents we want our children to attend college and have successful careers. In Afghanistan, the children are raised as adults at a young age. Most of the little girls will help their mothers with housework and cooking, while the little boys are out with their fathers learning how to work and how use weapons. Here children are not taught much respect. Children get disciplined but not according to their wrongs. It is not a likely that the children will grow up to become successful. Both of these countries have intentions of raising successful children, however, the United States has more control over their children and wants only the best for them, whereas, Afghanistan has followed the same concepts to raising



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