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Typical White Woman

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In search of love and appreciation, two women, living two different lifestyles, encounter similar problems. Daisy in The Great Gatsby is a typical white woman, who lives in the 1920's where life is all about having fun and partying. Daisy is married to Tom and is considered his trophy wife. This never really bothers Daisy but when she meets Gatsby she starts to regret what she could have had. In contrast Janie in Their Eyes Were Watching God in the era where African Americans are accustomed to their new found freedom. She is brought up on the guidance of her Nanny, which influenced her first marriage. After one other failed marriage, Janie goes through trial and error to reach equality and find happiness and love. Daisy was unsuccessful in reaching happiness, love, and equality.

Both women approach their problems in different ways, but it seems like Janie is the only one that accomplishes in achieving her goals. While Janie lived in Eatonville, she is unsure of who she is and how she wants to live. After Janie's failed marriage with Logan she decides to embark on her own independent journey. Immediately, she meets Jody, and leaves with him. In Janie's search for her own identity she falls in love with Jody as time goes by. After a while, she feels that she has no voice in any affair. Jody confirms her beliefs when he refused her to go the dragging out of the town mule's death when he says. "You wouldn't be seen at uh draggin' -out, wouldja? Wid any and everybody in uh passle pushin' and shovin' wid they no-manners selves? Naw, naw!" (Hurston 60). This leaves Janie confused and feels like she still didn't reach her goal of equality yet.



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