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Uncle Toms Cabin

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I am completely outraged about this! How could you take an poor innocent baby away from its mother? Do you have no heart? Thats the only way a baby feels comfort is to be in its mothers arms, because that's where it feels the safest. You took away this baby's comfort and sense of safeness when you took it away from its mother. The bond between a mother and child is so strong, and unbreakable, you can't just take a baby away from its mother its just not logical. There's no better feeling in this world then holding your baby in your arms and kissing its forehead and knowing that you made this little bundle of joy. As of mother, I am completely disgusted about this situation. If anyone ever tried to take my beautiful and amazing kids away from me I would go down fighting. It would not be an easy task to take my kids from me. Kids our a mother's pride and joy, there life and reflection of who they are. I believe that if you took a step back and really thought about you would change your mind about taking a child away from its mother. Just take an second to think, if you don't already have a kid think about if you did have one. It was your pride and joy, your everything. This child was the only thing you had in the lonely world. This child is what keeps you going and keeps a smile on your face, the reason you never give and never quit trying and always aim to get better is because of this child, this Gods gift to earth.

Would you not be totally and completely devastated?



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