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Vampire Workers

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The reason some people choose to live as vampire workers are because they want more time for themselves. For some people the normal work schedule doesn't fit, so they choose to work at night instead. By doing that, they have more time in the day, and that means they for example can pick their kids up from school early and spend the afternoon with them. By working at night, you also have better time to go shopping, and they don't have to hurry straight from work and home, and then make dinner and maybe help their kids with their homework, not leaving much time for just being social and enjoying each others company. It also nice for the firms, that so many people are willing to work at night, so they don't have to struggle to find people for these jobs, because its not everyone who are willing to do it. For some people, the extra payment might also be a reason for them to choose it. The little extra money they get from working night might also help people to be able to take an extra day off, or taking a little longer vacation. Also the cell phones and computers, have made it a lot easier to be flexible because you can be around and ready to answer all the time, making it possible to choose when they work for themselves.

There are lot of both advantages and disadvantages by working night. Because it can help you get more spare time, so you can spend it with your kids, picking them up early not having to rush home to make the dinner, and then having to do all the house work that needs to be done, but instead you can do them early in the day after you've slept, and then pick up the kids. Also by living as "shift-parents" you will have the afternoons of together so that maybe both parents can be home with their kids. Some people also just feel better about sleeping through the day, and then go work at night, and might even be more efficient by doing so.

But working at night is not for everyone. For some people the idea is very far, because they need their sleep at night, and some people they can't work all night. Some people might also be to tired, if they haven't got enough sleep, so they don't have a lot of energy when the kids come home from school, and maybe just sleep their, which can give less time for the children and a good family life. But it's a good thing that some people prefer to work the night instead of the day, because everything is becoming more global, so when some people go to sleep, others just meet for work and if your buying or selling over seas you might need to be reach able for the entire day.



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