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Vioxx Drug

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I chose to do the drug Vioxx because, about a year and a half ago I was taking care of and elderly lady who was taking this drug. After about six months of being on the drug she began to have mini strokes, and about 3 months after that she passed away. I assumed she had passed because, of old age and health problems. Looking into it now I see that Vioxx can cause heart problems, including STROKE and heart attack. This makes me wonder if this why she had passed, or was it truly her old age.

On September 30, 2004, the drug company Merck announced the removal of Vioxx from the world market. It was the largest drug recall in history and the announcement made worldwide headlines. ( This is very scary there could have been millions of people sitting at home, scared for their lives at this point because they were on the drug or someone they knew was on it. It makes me wonder how they can produce these drugs, without first knowing if it is safe for everything or the harm it causes. Instead they produce these drugs, and take the risks, and then recall later, how safe is this for the world.

it is known that the drug company knew of these risks, and they still produced the drug. The FDA and the company both knew,and never once let this out to the public or doctors. How can companys be so many hungry that they can be ok with producing a drug that they know could kill people. Whats ironic about this is that at this point all the money that they gained is now being taking away in law suits.



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