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Water Conservation

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Through brain storming and number of sittings at initial stage a design for the model and manual was developed. The model consists of a ply showing the water supply area, consisting of pipeline network with an OHT. The water supplied from the OHT runs through the pipe line and reaches the house hold having the water connection. A leakage in the pipeline is shown sunken in drain water depicted by blue color. In first instance the water is supplied from the OHT directly having no leakage or breakage, it reaches the house hold with good pressure and is portable. In the second instance the pipeline has a breakage which is sunken in the drain water depicted by blue color, on the other end of the line a water booster is installed which sucks the drain water and thus the supply water is contaminated.

During the activity the model demonstrated the process of water distribution system, reason for low pressure, illegal connections, use of water boosters and its ill effect, reason of supply water contamination, satisfaction of quires of the community members were done.

This was an effective method to make the community members understand the process of water distribution, reason of contamination and the methods through which this can be checked. Many community members mostly women did not had the knowledge of water distribution system and how the use of water booster can contaminate the supplied water. The negative thinking towards the Agra Jal Sansthan was also reduced as the community was able to understand the cause of supplied water contamination. The model attracted the residents and after the demonstration it was easy to explain the role and responsibilities of them toward the supply network infrastructure.

A manual with pictures showing various water wastage instances with text on how to save water in day to day life was developed for the Training Programme on Water Management and Conservation Technique. This manual was distributed among the participant and an explanation on various techniques to preserve water were being discussed with them. The ideas of the community members were also collected and open discussion with the satisfaction of their quires is being done.

This activity is an interactive method through which the community members are educated on the various issues of urban water supply with the help of model. In the next session the discussion with the manual describing the techniques of water conservation enhances the knowledge of the participant on the issue of water conservation and management.



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