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We Are Able

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We are able

During our lives, we are influenced by our surroundings, they shape us and ultimately define our sets of inner perception. By interacting since childhood with our parents, teachers and pretty much with every person we are being molded into the people that we are. These experiences shapes our believes and determines our way of thinking for a considerable amount of time. Although some believe that most of the "programming" is done in an early age I believe that some of the influence can come later in life- even in adulthood.

One of the "later" insights that I have discovered in life is that our body is a miraculous machine. I believe that physically our body is able to do more than we think and believe that we can, it is not a "thought over matter", psychological tricks or magic- we are just not aware, we can do more!

Our body, physically, is able to do things that we never thought we can and although most of us know that it is possible in general, a lot of us will not try running long distances, cycling, dancing or any other similar activity.

People believe that they have disabilities and that they are not able to perform a variety of tasks; they might think that it has something to do with talent, body structure, weight or even genetics. However is it much simpler than that.

In this assay, I would like to talk about the re-discovery of my physical strength and the ability of our body. Experiences that came rather late, made me believe personally I can do more and better with my body. Our car is not a luxury car, we need to use this amazing machine in order to achieve great things.

We should be pushing our limits and to over come our shortcomings.

The series of events that changed my prospective happened when I was drafted to the army. I have started to built my belief already during the initial stages of training. In a matter a fact I was given this belief by force and after opening my mind to the training techniques I have realized that my body is able to things that we never thought it could, pushing it limits in more than one aspect. I felt that I am about to brake but for some reason it kept on going and going, fuel by nothing but the thought that I need to go on. Specifically I had this feeling and it's strongest affects when I needed to run for miles and miles after not getting enough sleep.

As mentioned above, the training that was provided included running for great distances with more than 80 lb of equipment strapped on to you. Being a high school gradual I have participate in sporting event at school that included running and team sports, however I have never thought that I will be able to do the same thing without running shoes, comfort cloths and with additional weight that will probably cause back problems. And this is how it went, usually every weekend we will take a "Journey" to



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