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Week one Strategy Assignments

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Essay Preview: Week one Strategy Assignments

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Week One Strategy Assignments:

VARK Learning Styles:

Please answer the following questions in less than two pages (one focused page is fine).

1. What is you learning style?

Student Scores:

Learning Styles Scores

Visual 3__

Aural 4__

Read/Write 2__

Kinesthetic 7__

According to the learning style inventory (VARK) model I am a person who uses the kinesthetic style of learning more than any of the other three styles (i.e. visual, aural, read/write). The Kinesthetic model is more of a hands on, touching and doing individual than one who likes to read manuals and instructions or graphs to get things done. I believe I am that sort of person because I like to experiment and try things out on my own without anyone explaining it to me first. I think is more like a challenger; or like a trial and error experience.

2. What Study Strategies accompany that style?

It is best for kinesthetic students to sit near the front of the room and take notes throughout the class period. "Something else to consider when studying is to walk back and forth with textbook, notes, or flashcards in hand and read the information out loud". For example, when reviewing new information, copy key points onto a chalkboard, easel board, or other large writing surface. (Online Source)

3. What are the most important elements about the Input, SWOT, and Outputs for that (those) strategies?

After further research on this topic I learned that the most important elements about Input are all the senses (i.e. sight, touch, taste, smell, hearing), lecturers who give real-life example, hands-on approaches (computing). For SWOT the strategy would be to convert lecture notes into a learnable package by reducing the amount of information. Finally output strategies include activities such as writing practice answers, paragraphs, questions to understand the concept of it better.

4. Do these conclusions make sense for your study habits, and how will you implement what you have learned here?

According to an article about kinesthetic learners "Students who have a strong kinesthetic learning style often like to move around in the classroom; may not be able to sit still for long periods of time; are able to remember something perfectly after doing it only once; find many ways to keep



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