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Wgu C820 Leadership and Communication

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Janeene Karen Gregory

WGU C820 Leadership and Communication

Nisa Williams

Reflective Paper-Task 3

August 27, 2018

Positive Communication

        Part 1-Working Styles

Reflect on your working style using your working style score and the information you have received about your working styles.  What are your strengths? What are your challenges? How do you learn best? If your assessment of your style of your style was different than the computer assessment (your spider diagram), then which assessment reflects you better and why?

        My 5 Dynamics assessment was accurate for me.  When I completed my own assessment for this class, I came up with Execute and Examine, with Execute Energy being the strongest according to my self-assessment. My first strength is when something is expected of me, I don’t waste any time starting on it.  My goal is always to follow the instructions given to me and complete the project in a “straight line” from start to finish.  My second strength is that I don’t let myself get distracted.  I have a goal in mind and I work straight towards that goal.  If I have to do research, I do it quickly and use only useful information I find.  I base my information on facts and not myth.  My number one weakness is in liking to move from beginning to end and I’m paired with someone who is also Execute Energy it can be a problem.  If this person cannot be a team player, I will try to give input, but I will only “push” so hard and then I’ll become silent because I feel I’m not being heard.  I need to employ some of the positive communication and try to put some structure into the how the team is handled.  My second weakness is I sometimes have a problem with delegating work.  I prefer to delegate to people that I know I can trust to do the job.  Otherwise, I’d rather do it myself to make sure it is done correctly.  I feel I need to learn to let go of the control and when I give someone an assignment, let them do it and then work together to come to the best outcome.

        When I complete an assignment and we’re happy with the outcome, I feel either myself or the team deserve some recognition.

Describe the working styles you would look for in a teammate whom you would choose to help you to complete a class project.  What are the strengths of that working style and how would that style help you complete a successful project?

        I feel the of the 5 Dynamics, I would work best with Examine.  I know I’m considered Effortless in this Energy, but I think that working with someone where this is their highest Energy would be a great combination.  Individuals with Examine Energy ask “Why.”  They would be a great asset to Execute Energy I have because in asking “why” they would work along with me searching through the “weeds of research, details, and fact-finding missions”.  They would someone to easily delegate to on researching a topic.  They are driven towards the successful completion of projects by organization, abiding by rules, and timelessness.

Part 2- Communication

Relate your experiences of conversation with friends, family, coworkers, and others noting the listening modes you prefer to use.  Describe your experiences of these listening modes various situation and with different people.  What are you learning about the way you listen?  What have you learned about how you listen that affects your relationships?

        Write about your experiences of conversations with various people and in varying situations noticing what talking modes you use.  What are you learning about the ways you express yourself through verbal communication?  What have you learned about the ways in which your talking mode affects your relationships?


        During the past 2-½ years, I have used pretense a lot.  I don’t feel like this was a terrible lie on my part, but a necessary way to not begin crying and for people not to be sorry they asked me “How are you?”  My son died very suddenly and unexpectedly on April 3rd, 2016.  Even now as I type this, I’m feeling intense sadness and my hands are shaking.  I still struggle with this loss every single day.  To be honest and go into a completely honest answer would be embarrassing for me and probably the person asking this question.  So I always say “Fine”.


        I try not to communicate in this way because it can be hurtful to anyone involved.  The only exception is when I hear someone “spouting off” with their own truth that if people were to follow this advice or instructions, it could cause harm to this individual or patient in the long run.


        Sometimes what I see or hear can cause me to make a judgment about an individual or group.  It has been a big issue for me in Nursing about drug addicts and/or alcoholics.  I have had a tragedy in my life that involves drug abuse.  So, when I have a patient with these issues, I would enter their hospital room expecting to see a drug seeker.  I expect a whiny person who only cares about how soon I can medicate them with opiates or whatever the Doctor has prescribed.  I usually find a broken person though, who wants help.  They’ve had a tragic life in one way or another.  The more I open up and talk to them, makes me comfortable talking about the incident in my life.  I find a place where we can intersect and have a common ground.  And usually I feel ashamed for the initial judgment I’ve made.



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