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What I've Learned Freshman Year

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Essay Preview: What I've Learned Freshman Year

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Before I went to college I could only imagine it was like the movie "animal house", or "accepted" but a little less exaggerated. Almost everyone knows those kinds of movies, where there are crazy college kids who go to parties and almost never do any work or study. However, from my first months experience it's been a lot of work and studying, with some social outings. College has been a blast, but the three most interesting aspects would be my academic, social, and independent life.

First, I've already learn more in my first month of college than I did my senior year in high school. I'm actually learning real world information not just knowledge that prepares me for the next level of education. I've also learned that studying is necessary but also more enjoyable than it had been for me in high school. An additional, and very important thing I've learned to do is read, not that I couldn't before, but just realizing how much it really helps.

Second, I've learned how to interact with new kinds of people since I've been it college. In high school I was very social but I was used to socializing with the same people I've been with for four years people. Since I've been at western I've learned how to be social with people way older than me, people from all over the nation, and even people from different parts of the world. These are all great experiences that I will need later in life and it makes grateful that I went away to college.

Third, learning to live on my own has been an awesome experience. Sure learning to do laundry was not pleasant but that's only one the few cons compared to all the pros I enjoy about living on my own. I've learned to be completely independent whether, its making my own food or doing laundry. A skill I've just majorly improved on is time management. Having to juggle class, homework, studying, laundry, cleaning, cooking and my social life has been interesting and has made learn to appreciate the time I had before college to relax and do whatever I wanted.

As a result of all these experiences I have learned to live. I have learned so much in only a month's time. It makes me realize how sheltered I was before. College has been a good learning experience and a very fun one too. Overall I've learned life long skills and I am still in the process of mastering these new found skills



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