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Academic and Learning Skills

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Academic and Learning Skills

I have acquired great deal of academic skills within the year. I have enhanced my cognitive skill, been able to read, understand and internalise information. I have furthered the boundary of my reasoning ability to logically present facts with supported evidence.

I have developed the skill to be critical of issues in order to obtain adequate information. Bulman,C and Schultz S(2004) I do this by asking questions, interacting with group members to seek their opinion and contributing personal views to discussions.

I have developed my learning skill with the aid of learning resource centre. I utilise the centre to access books and journals for reading suggested Bulman,C and Schuttz, S.(2008) in order to update my knowledge and be abreast of latest information and research development. The resource centre provides the necessary materials for all the assignments I did.

I have learnt how to conduct academic research with the aid of books, journals and e-learning facilities. I have acquired the skill to reference academic presentation. I have learnt how to access the internet to conduct academic research. I am able to access the database, use graph and charts.

The learning skills one must acquire in module one among others include manual and handling, infection control and health and safety. I did attended practice session at the simulation centre on weekly basis. I have practiced and gained skills to handle service users in safest way according to Barbara,( 2008) . I can safely demonstrate the skill of moving service users from the bed to chair. I have gained the skill to manage the spread of infection through the hand hygiene. Also, I have acquired the skill to indentify risk in work place and handle same to avert danger.

I did sit for diagnostics skills test in numeracy, communication and information technology. The result did confirm my academic standard Hendcry,C.Farley, A,.(2003) in these areas. Through the result i am able to know my strength and weakness. I did meet with my mentor to discuss my areas of strength and weaknesses.

Martin(2007) noted that risk assessment procedure must be applied to protect the patient and others from danger.

I participated in the group presentation on mental health assessment. The presentation has afforded me the opportunity to interact with colleagues and learn how to contribute to team work. Through the presentation, I developed the skill to work in a team, communicate effective and listen attentively.

In module 2, i acquired academic skills through the attendance of essence of care lectures.



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