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What Is Totalitarianism

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Totalitarianism is a form of government that has complete control over the state and is controlled by a dictatorship and it elements are propaganda, violence, and religious. The elements of totalitarianism in Animal Farm are propaganda, secret police which is used to show violence and power.

Totalitarianism is a form of government in which the ruler is an absolute dictator and has complete control over the country. In a totalitarian state, it is controlled by a dictatorship that has total control over every aspect in the country, not only in his country but other countries also. Dictatorship is similar to totalitarianism .One of the greatest dictators who had total control over the state was Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin. This type of government was established in the 1920s when Nazi Germany took power and the fascist governments of Italy. In totalitarianism, people are forced to do what the government or the ruler tells them and may also be prevented from leaving the country. Everyone in the country had the right to vote, speak, and to form new political parties. All those freedom ended in Germany, Russia, Italy, and some other totalitarian state like China. In totalitarianism, workers work hard and are paid less. In Germany, workers couldn't sell their product; they could only give it to the government. In totalitarianism, the dictator rules his country up to the end of his life if there is no revolution. Totalitarian dictator is like a king. Totalitarian states include several regimes that make entire populations to support a system or government. All totalitarian governments are based on the idea that rule is best. The totalitarian government is in charge of all social, political and business organizations and asks for control and respect.

One of the elements of totalitarianism is propaganda. Propaganda is used to damage another person's idea. It is like persuading someone into believing you. All totalitarian states used propaganda to gain more power. They used post card. One of Stalin's propaganda was women working on the farm. The post card said they were family, happy all together but it was not. It attacks the person instead of their thought. Another element was violence. Totalitarians attacked people who come on their way. Sometimes they are executed and sometimes arrested. Hitler arrested political leader because they might try to over throw him. Stalin expelled Trotsky and then executed him thinking he might come back and over throw him. They made people work. Another element was religious. Hitler hated the Jews and he persecuted them. He burned their shops and all their properties. Jews became scapegoat. Many people believe that Hitler hated the Jews because they caused Germany to loose WW1, The Great Depression, and were communist.

One of the elements of totalitarianism in Animal Farm is propaganda. Both Leader Napoleon and Snowball used propaganda to



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