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What Makes an Effective Leader

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Every job has a leadership position within its organization. In order to be a leader it requires that the leader be effective in motivating staff to get the job done efficiently and effectively. A leader should possess qualities such as patience, integrity, analytical skill and good communication skills. When communicating to a group a leader must be able to communicate directions clearly, so the people he or she is leading are able to get the job done efficiently and correctly.

Patience is a one of the key aspects to being a good leader. Working in any organization or retail store requires not only patience with the consumer but also with your employees. For example, if employees are to reach a monthly sale goal on a consistent basis and this does not happen. It becomes frustrating for a leader whose job is to motivate his or her employees to produce the numbers. As a leader, you must be able to identify each employee's weakness to be able to motivate him or her to reach the goals set.

Another feature of being a good leader is honesty. At times, you may have to convey information that may upset an employee. A good leader will know how to approach an employee without being overly harsh when attempting to correct a problem, or override a decision of a supervisor. In doing so, the leader should acknowledge the accomplishments and good work of the worker while giving constructive criticism. Thus, not leaving the worker feeling unappreciated about their contributions to the organization after corrective action was been taken.

Finally, one of the many characteristics of an effective leader is analytical skills, which allows the leader to use his or her thinking skills to tackle a problem that is affecting the organization. Effective leaders will find what is causes the problem and find a solution to it. For example, if retail stores that sale cell phones are not meeting sales goals of selling accessories with the cell phones. An effective leader would first observe to see if employees are using strategies to present customers with accessories upon purchase of a phone. This will make it possible for the staff to reach the quota of merchandise. If the employees is not effectively offering product to the consumer an effective leader will step in and assist the employee in how to get customers to buy accessories with their analytical skills.

A successful leader has many good qualities, a few are mentioned above but good leaders possess many more. Leaders are able to develop each individual's weakness into strengthens and know their staff strengthens to capitalize on them. Good leaders are aware of those who work for them and know them by name. An effective leader is also not afraid of change within the organization.



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