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What Marketing Strategies That McDonald's Use to Compete with Burger King in the Fast Food Industry?

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Essay Preview: What Marketing Strategies That McDonald's Use to Compete with Burger King in the Fast Food Industry?

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E- Learning, which is nothing but a spin off from the Internet, is the latest medium of instruction. This is on the lips of many of the educationalists in the higher education sector as well as the corporate sector. It is claimed that the new system of E Learning is "Magical and Wondrous". But then the question arises here, is E Learning merely a substitute to classroom led training? How can they be better promoted to get better outcomes and are the students who are into E Learning really liking it and are they able to understand it? There are numerous questions that are associated with the system and the concept of E Learning. The answers are relatively forthcoming.

This paper plans to look into some of the possible questions and answers and to relate the concepts of E Learning with the present scenario. This analysis suggests that E Learning can be used by SME's (Small and Medium Enterprises) based on three different type of courses namely, Generic course, sector course and internal course.

Since this new method of electronic approach to learning created new patterns, many of the people were unsure of its effectiveness and its value. But lately, electronic learning has mushroomed into a strategic tool that most of the companies are now using to gain a competitive edge in the market place. In this age of e-learning, the companies that can communicate at lightning speed with its workforce, customers, vendors, suppliers, resellers, partners have an upper hand advantage to the others.

The article concludes with a number of success factors, advantages and disadvantages of E Learning.



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