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What Would You Do If You Were Lost?

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Essay Preview: What Would You Do If You Were Lost?

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What would you do if you were lost? if it happened that I was lost in a foreign country, then you need to consider two options.

The first is I was lost and don’t know English. I've always had fear that I arrived in a foreign country, and it will happen that I will leave behind the group and find myself in a hopeless situation. What do I need to do? Where do I have to go? In this case, there are two options are to use Google translate or to try to explain to people passing by. I think that it will be the first person to think about. In my life was situation when I had been a child is my basketball team participated in international competitions in Hungary. We walked the streets and was very difficult for me when they greeted us and tried to ask how to get to this or that street. I understood why all people say that knowing English is necessary and that this language is almost the first in the whole world.

You can also try to explain to a foreigner what you need with gestures. I don't know why, but the English-speaking population used to this kind of communication, because most people today do not speak English at all.

The second situation is I was lost but I know English very well. In this situation I would have a good opportunity to practice my English skills. I would meet new people and, in the future, I would have a great opportunity to communicate with other people, learn their mentality, culture.

In my opinion, when you are preparing to travel for another country, you should learn the minimum set of words needed for tourists. Now there is on the Internet a lot of websites, topics and dictionaries for studying are very useful for us. Agree with me, more comfortable to go to a foreign country without a language barrier?

I can give you one advice is learning English at school, univocity, on the Internet and looking for any opportunity to practice your speaking and listening skills.




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