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What You Pawn I Will Redeem

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What You Pawn I Will Redeem-Summary

This story was about a homeless Indian man named Jackson Jackson who was of the Spokane tribe that came across his late Grandmother's regalia in a pawnshop nearby. The pawnshop owner offered to sell it back to Jackson for one thousand dollars, which is what the owner bought it for, but Jackson only had five dollars on him. He gave Jackson 24hrs to come up with the money. Jackson would come across extra money throughout the day but seemed to spend it all on either alcohol or food. Jackson had a bit of a drinking problem so he was easily caught up in spending any extra money he got on liquor. The most money he ended up having at one time was eighty dollars and that of course went to drinking as well. After, a long and extremely intoxicated evening he was awaken on the railroad tracks by his friend who was a police officer. The officer wanted to take him to a detox center but when Jackson told him the story about his Grandmother's regalia he just wanted to help him out, so the officer gave Jackson thirty dollars to start him out again. However, instead of working hard to collect more money, Jackson took four of his homeless Indian friends out to eat on twenty-five dollars that he had in his pocket. Finally, the time came to go back to the pawnshop and the owner asked Jackson if he had the money and Jackson told him he still only had five bucks in his pocket, so the owner decided to give him his Grandmother's regalia anyway.



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