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Whatever Will Be, Will Be?

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Whatever will be, will be?

The film was showing us there is a growing problem of over fishing, while some organization like Oceana was trying to help restore and protect the marine animals. One of the problems they address is our demand for fish is growing larger and larger, which leads to even more problems. As we want more from the ocean, we develop more advance technologies into more efficient to trenched down every piece of ocean floor without repairing the damages that we have done. Fishes are cannot keep up the rate that we catch them. Marine animals cannot reproduce fast enough to outrun the forever growing of the human population. Although the global catches are decreasing, given that there is lesser fish in the ocean. Bigger fish are disappearing and smaller fish are being targeted. And because the smaller fish are the food of the bigger fish, it causes ever more collapse of the marine animals as the smaller fish are being consumed. Fishes are not allowed to grow larger, because we would just have them kill before they even reach maturely. On the other hand, problems like by-catch, is usually four to five times of the fish that is intended to catch. Those dead or half dead marine animal are being dump back into the ocean. People fish with dynamite and cyanide and it destroy the marine habitat. They ignore the facts that we are over fishing and continue with that practice. Quota is being set to help limit the size of the catch and the fishing days. Here we have so many problems, and yet people do not think twice when they throw their nets into the ocean. The message here is that we will catch every last one of them if we do not change the way that we fish. The film is also intertwined with the pervious paper that we have done. Many organizations are trying to repair and protect the ocean. Some marine animals are being farm raise in a better and clearer condition. Restaurants purchase sustainably catch or farm sea product to support fisherman that are doing the right way to help. If we had put half of the effort on developing how to fish sustainably instead of finding more vicious way to fish marine animals, the marine animals would have a better future.



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