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Where Is Truck Release Location for a Bmw Z3

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Essay Preview: Where Is Truck Release Location for a Bmw Z3

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In the beginning of the story the narrator sound very calm and relax. As you began to read more he seems very odd. Trying to figure out what is his motive against the old man, is it money? The narrator does not like eye. So the narrator thinks he is normal and nothing is wrong with him. While the old man has no clue that the despises him. So every night the man goes in the old man room and watches him sleep. In the morning he acts like nothing wrong, he is very kind to the old man. So the old man never suspects anything wrong. One night he decides tonight is the night to kill the old man. That night he creeps in and the man scared and afraid not knowing what lies in dark. Wondering what could it possibly be a mouse or something in the house. As the story goes on you here a pounding sound a heartbeat that is very loud. The narrator is getting scared wondering if the neighbors and hear the heart beat as well. He jumps on the old man and KILLS him. Freighted he moves the body and clean all the blood not leaving a drop blood. Then he hears the door knocks, which can that be at this time of night. When he answers the door the police are standing there because, a neighbor had heard a loud sound and worrying that something met be wrong they call the police to check it out. He acts so calm give them a tour of the house showing the officer around like nothing was wrong. As the officer talk the narrator is going crazy here the old man beating heart louder and louder, all of sudden he admits to the crime.



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