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Where with Who?

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Introduction: The objective of this lab is application of the following concepts in the development of a functioning robot.

1. Discover the various types of robot arms

2. Define working envelope

3. Teach the robot the positions and program the robot to perform the task

Team Member: Due to the amount of times we re-programmed the robot my partner and I shared the same responsibilities. One person taught the robot the different positions and programmed them. The other acted as the eye of the robot indicating every inch necessary for positioning the robot to successfully move the block.

Methodology and Analysis

Step 1: Log into SCORBASE for ER 4u

Step 2: Go to file

Step 3: New project

Step 4: Go to home position (zero coordinate)

When the robot is finished processing

Step 5: View

Step 6: Robot movement

Step 7: From here we used a diagram which showed us the directions that could be applied to teaching and controlling the robots movement.

Every movement made was saved under "Teach Positions" where they were named in the column labeled "Position number"

For every instance we had to pick up or put down the block we went into the "Workspace" under AXIS CONTROL and used the open and close gripper commands.

When we finished the program in order to verify if the robots movements were correct we clicked on "Run single cycle" and watched the robot function as it had been taught.

The program can be seen on page #3

Conclusion: We taught the robot different positions necessary to complete a task of picking up and placing a block from its original position into a storage area. Based on the taught positions, which were written and recorded as a program, the robot performed this task on several occasions.

In conclusion this lab exemplified how robots adapt to a learning system and have the capability to move and interact in an environment.



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