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Who Gets the Liver?

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4 people

each has a different blood type

each is dying

who gets the liver?

There will not be a liver coming that could potentially save one of the others people.

1 will live, 3 will die

1. 61 years old man. Alcoholic. Killed his liver because of alcoholism. He is married. His wife is very sick and he is the caregiver to her. Has 6 months to live.

2. 32 year old woman. Has two children: 8, 9 years old. Genetic disease. Has 3 months to live.

3. 21 year old man. overweight. Liver is dead due to eating mushrooms. Not married. Has 4 months to live.

4. 38 years old. has 4 children- all preteen. She is a "picker". Liver dead due to pesticides. Has 5 months to live.

12 Angry Men and Critical Thinking

Critical thinking, a skill that has existed since the creation of man, has been used by most people at one time or another during their lives. Critical thinking is defined as the intellectually disciplined process of actively and skillfully conceptualizing, applying, analyzing, synthesizing, and/or evaluating information gathered from, or generated by, observation, experience, reflection, reasoning, or communication, as a guide to belief and action" (Elder). The 1997 version of "Twelve Angry Men", directed by William Friedkin, shows many extraordinary examples of multiple people demonstrating the critical thinking steps effectively.

Each juror demonstrates some of the steps included in the critical thinking process. They do this by effectively using some of the five steps of critical thinking: Defining the problem, Deciding what the alternatives are, determining what the advantages and disadvantages of each are, deciding on a solution and determining how well the solution is working (Chaffee). "12 Angry Men" It demonstrates the perfect situation/ environment to use critical thinking and puts it in a setting that many people can relate to or at least recognize. The movie takes place in a jury room where twelve men of all backgrounds, ethnicities and cultural differences have come together to decide the fate of one individual accused of committing murder. Their job is to decide on an impartial verdict; "guilty or not guilty". A guilty verdict will lead to a mandatory death sentence. The prosecution's case is strong, while the defense is exceptionally weak; perhaps because they are "court appointed" as juror #8 points out. To accomplish the task, each man must use critical thinking to determine their final answer.



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