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Why First Class Is a Better Email System Than Outlook

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Essay Preview: Why First Class Is a Better Email System Than Outlook

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In With the Old, Out With the New

Why First Class is a Better Email System than Outlook

For many years First Class was a cherished email system at Havergal College, until the school suddenly switched to the unpopular Outlook system. Although Outlook is said to be a more technologically advanced email system, First Class will always be preferred among students and staff at Havergal. A reasonable email system like First Class must be well organized, easily accessible, and student friendly, which compared to Outlook, is quite the opposite. The purpose of this comparison is to prove that there are many reasons to reinstate First Class as our primary email system, therefore creating a more enjoyable communication experience within the Havergal Community.

As a student at Havergal College, I know firsthand how important it is to be organized especially within our email systems. With First Class, when an email is received, students and staff can easily sort it into folders they have created themselves (family, subjects, sports teams). The mailing list was easy to access by only typing in a couple characters of the recipient's name. It also had a tremendous amount of space, and it was easy to edit and personalize emails being sent. Outlook is a scattered system, it is difficult to add attachments, because it takes a long time to load and the emails have a limited amount of space. It is challenging to find spell check; also students receive many unnecessary emails directed to a specific group in particular that leave their inbox overwhelmed and untidy. Therefore, First Class is a better organized system than Outlook, because of the space, accessibility, and productivity.

It can easily be said that the majority of the Havergal Community spends a lot of time on their cell phones or laptops. First Class was an extremely accessible system. Emails could be sent and received using a phone, and regardless if the system was down on the computer emails could still be reviewed on the cell phone. There was a specific icon that could be downloaded on to your desktop, and the system could be accessed for the internet. Outlook can only be accessed on the internet there is no alternative. However, Outlook can be used on a phone it is a much more difficult process to be installed, therefore it is clear that First Class is a more accessible email system.

Most of the students are generally good with technology because they have grown up with it; however the staff tend to struggle more because they are not as use to it. Therefore, having a user friendly email system is essential for this community. First Class has an easy to use mailing list, student news, a lost and found, tech support, and community service opportunities. Outlook has two different versions a "light" one, which can only show you a dozen emails at a time or the "full"



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