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Wolfgang Keller

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Essay Preview: Wolfgang Keller

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1. What is the most significant problem in the case?

In my point of view, the most significant problem stem from Keller's poor management style. And, the problems can be categorized into two areas, - (I) Motivation and (II) Performance management.

2. What are the reasons for the problem?

Wolfgang Keller is a young leader, as is evidenced by his leadership style and his biological age. He is a talented manager and also he enjoys his working life in Königsbräu-TAK. He tended to be a micromanager who exhibited poor interpersonal skills. Keller enjoys making decisions, achieving results, overcoming obstacles by himself. However, he didn't make an effort to recognize his team's contributions, provide clear direction and deal with team members who do not meet his standards.

It seemed like Keller failed to motivate Brodsky. At least, Keller should've tried to understand Brodsky's need. Since Keller evaluated Brodsky's annual performance as sufficient and Brodsky has a low level of leadership, Brodsky could not be satisfied with even lower level needs, thus it's impossible for him to satisfy higher level needs(Maslow's Need Hierarchy Theory). Moreover, they had not only different leadership style but also quite different needs in working life. Keller had a high need for achievement and high need to power, so he wanted to solve problems by himself and this made Brodsky uncomfortable. And also, Keller tried to find Brodsky's fault and weakness rather than find strength and Keller tried to give a power to Zelenko and this was negative inequity to Brodsky and he must be felt undervalued.

Keller made several mistake in the performance management. He failed whole performance improvement cycle. Firstly, goal setting, I hardly find SMART goals in the annual performance appraisal review sheet. If Keller wanted Brodsky to develop sales related skills, he should have asked Brodsky to add them as specific learning goals. Moreover, there is no SMART performance goal, Keller couldn't evaluate his sales goal objectively. Secondly, in terms of feedback, according to Keller's feedback it only seemed to be used to punish, embarrass, and put down Brodsky. Keller should've focused on Brodsky's performance not his personalities and gave him positive feedback for improvement. And lastly, reward, maybe Brodsky wanted some intrinsic rewards which are driven by positive feelings associated with doing well on a job from Keller because he joined this company only 2years ago and he did his best.

3. Do you agree with what was done in the case regarding the problem? Why or why not?

I don't agree with what Keller has done and what he will do in the



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