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Woman Rights

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Essay Preview: Woman Rights

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The Story of Us

Jerald Brooks

Love can be funny at times, not funny as in laughter but funny because of jealousy. So much goes through people's mind when jealousy is roaming. Staying strong is important when it comes to someone being jealous. So many refuse to express their feelings. This is where they get hurt, the reason for that is that not many know how to speak with their hearts. Of course this is a hard thing to deal with.

Not many can realize the truth within love. They are blinded because they only think of sexual intentions. These sexual intentions are of lust for someone they really do not love. Love is supposed to be sacred, not based on obtaining the higher hands. When someone is with the one they want jealousy will roam.

This jealousy can cause issues, only if allowed to. When a man is with a woman he adores her with his entire heart. He fights for what he believes in, he always will. So much jealousy comes around in relationships. There is no further expression needed. Everyone knows this, even if someone never fell in love.

Love is something to be cherished, so much that the man and woman are both together and strong. Let haters be haters, you may ask why? Well when you let a hater be a hater they will eventually grow up. When you focus on the truth at hand here, which is your heart. You will notice with love a lot is possible.

With love you can destory the hatred that roams about you and your love. Trust is another issue within relationships. Why worry about what the person you love is doing? All that matters is that they are in your arms at the end of the night anyway. That is where their heart is, with you. Not the other people they hang around with. Many get along better with the oposate sex than their own.

This does not mean they are trying to run around on you. They just feel more comfertable, of course they have friends of the same sex. This can be rare, this is that they can not handle the actions of the same sex.



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