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Woman What They Really Might Feel

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Alot of people think woman who are married and have children , ,s hould always be happy . You never know what is really going on. There are so many different problems that a marriege can have. most woman don't really say how they really feel.

I know it hard to understand but i know a couple who have been together a long time , she is very unhappy and not finanially ready to leave , she loves her husband but only like a best friend and they can still get along as best friends as far as interest and doing things as a family. The worst part is she is no longer sexually attracted to him. She has no interest in being with anyone else and will not do that , because she said her vows . but they fight alot cause of sex he wants it she doesn't. believe it or not alot of woman go thru this but alot of woman find it elsewhere.she would rather just take care of kids and try to do the best she can.The problem is also they are around eachother alot and she is getting very annoyed , and she does love him just not in love with him anymore . He will never believe that he will say she is cheating and it has nothing to do with that. things change people change . I just feel very bad cause she is so stuck now. she lives for kids.

SHe takes care of everything involved with kids from food to sports, he knows what is going on but she takes care of it all. both parents attend all of the activites or awards . I will saay they are great parents that way ,it all stems down to the sex. and aqlot of woman wont talk about this situation.



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