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Women's Leaders

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Women's Leaders

Nowadays, we have very important women's leaders that have show the society that they are able to contribute the same or even more to the development of the society. For example:

* Margaret Thatcher: The "Iron Lady" because of her uncompromised policies during the negotiation with Ronald Regan. She went to Oxford University and became a research chemist. First she became member of the parliament, them the secretary of state for education and then she was the first Britain prime minister. She was in that position for three consecutive turns. She is one of the most dominant women's figures in the 20th century.

* Indira Gandhi: she showed incredible political skills and abilities that keep her in different high positions in India. She was the third Prime Minister of India. She was also Minister of External Affairs, Defense and Finance. She is the women with the longest politic life.

* Portia Simpson Miller: She is the current and first Prime Minister. She have held that position twice. The first was in 2006 when she became the first Jamaican female Prime Minister. She was also the Minister for Labor, Welfare, Sports and Tourism. She is well known for the advocacy for the poor people and the women's growth in the business world; that is the reason why is part of the Council of Women World Leaders.

* Cristina Fernandez Kirchner: Executive President of Argentina since 2007

* Dilma Vana Linhares Rouseff: Current President of Brazil which is one of the biggest and fastest growing economies of the world.

* Eveline Widner: President of Switzerland.

* Angela Merkel:Chancelor or Germany.

* Queen Elizabeth II of England.




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