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Words of Wisdom

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The problem is about how to produce tv production by independent tv production companies.

How to promote indie films.

I. Brief Background (Odessa)

Independent television production

VYP is a UK based independent TV Production Company. They have made a lot of programmes for a variety of TV broadcast organizations. That includes BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, and Sky and other commercial broadcast organizations in other European countries.

II. Identify problems (danah)

III. Areas of Consideration (janeene and jona)

These are the areas to which VYP may need to give serious consideration in order to successfully address diversity and equal opportunities.

Human Resource/Manpower

As an independent TV production company, VYP cannot easily afford to fully equip itself to make TV programmes at its own rented premises. It is not cost-effective if they employ videotape (VT) crews for VT filming, due to the high cost of equipment. VYP employs TV programme directors and producers to make its TV programmes; however, the bulk of TV programme-making is outsourced. The company's skills lie with its creative and artistic programme-making people. Most of these employees are skilled programme makers who contract to bring required people to help with the program-making and hire the required facilities. VYP, basically, outsources much of the actual programme-making to other people, wherein some of these people are freelance individuals. These freelance individuals are only hired for specific time required to make the programme and then their short-term contracts will end. Most of the manpower of VYP, about 44 out of 60 employees are directly involved in programme-making activities.

VYP also makes sure that the key members of their staff are very well taken care of in order to retain their skills and keep their loyalty to the company. For the last 7 years, only a few employees left VYP and all have been by mutual agreement. As the company is growing, those programme-making employees have also grown their confidence in the company. The positive atmosphere at the company is the strength of the company.

During the financial year to the end of September 2011, VYP outsourced the equivalent of around 400 person years of work to a range of external specialised freelance individuals and small companies.


Just like other independent TV production companies, VYP's success lie with the people involved in all stages of making a programme. The programme director is the creative head and leads the team, making the programme and who sometimes has initiated the original programme idea. The



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