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World's Population Case

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In 1999 the world's population ticked over to 6 billion people ,now it is 7 billion . With this many people comes a huge demand for Basic human necessities such thing as food, water, clothing and shelter. The only way these needs can be made, transported and consumed is using energy. Where does energy come from? It doesn't come from a magical source with everlasting handfuls of it. It comes from such things as Hydraulic dams, wind turbines, coal and nuclear power stations. In Australia there is one such resource, a resource looked upon by the government as the future. This Resource is called Coal Seam Gas (CSG). But do we know enough about it to make it a reliable long-term solution, I think not.

Coal seem Gas is found deep beneath the ground in coal deposits. But there is only one way we can get it up to us and that's using water lots and lots of water. The water is pumped down to the coal the coal then releases the gas coming to the surface once at the surface the coal and water must separate the gas goes to Station while the water goes to the evaporation pits. These evaporation pits/ ponds are huge. Each day the CSG wells pump 600,000 litres of toxic methane water into them. Once the Pits of water have evaporated in the atmosphere they leave a baron waste land covered in salt where nothing can grow, this is land which farmers can't use a waste of space. The environmental implications of CSG are unthinkable. With the government's plans to build over 40,000 thousand wells in Qld they must be connected to each, connected through Pipelines, road and power lines. Turning our beautiful backyard of western QLD into an Industrial Spiders web. Shouldn't we learn from the America they are currently mining for CSG. The Local residents of these areas can light there tape water on fire because of the leaking of gases and toxins into the water. Do we want this, do we want to live in the fear of what could happen to the environment and to our fellow Queenslanders, you might think "oh its not effecting me why should I care" well the truth is it will effect you. There are people in this very school which we be directly effected by this and those people hold Qlds food source in their hands.

In Australia there are approxmalty 134,000 Farm businesses, this farms each year produce 48.7 Billion dollars. This iconic industry could be completely wiped out. Properties near Coal Seem gas wells have to be abandoned it is unsafe for the homeowners to live there. The risk of Methane leaks and explosions is much to great, the CSG companies have admitted this. Australian farmers have been kicked out of them homes left with a mortgage and debt, for something they didn't even agree on. When foreigners think of Australia they think of our great beaches, friendly people, beautiful landscapes and the Outback not a CSG well infested island. Behind the loss of our Australian Agricultural property in our government,



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